Ep1: Ancient Civilizations: In this hour, we study sex in the ancient world--from Mesopotamians, who viewed adultery as a crime of theft, to Romans, who believed that squatting and sneezing after sex was a reliable method birth control. We also look at revealing Egyptian and Greek practices--from the origins of dildos, to intimate relations between Egyptian gods and goddesses, to the use of crocodile dung as a contraceptive.

Ep2: The 20th Century: A sensual, extensive series that looks at what sex has meant to the development of civilization--and what the development of civilization has meant to sex. From the first latex condom in the 1920s to the birth of the Pill in the 1960s, sexuality evolved at a rapid pace in the 20th century. How will sex change in the 21st century?

Ep3: The Middle Ages: In this steamy history, we trace the evolution of sexual beliefs and practices from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance. We'll also uncover the conflicting extremes of medieval romance and sex--from the bawdy life of European city dwellers to the staid and dangerous practice of courtly love. Medieval scholars offer humorous and interesting carnal tales of lusty knights, bawdy widows, naughty priests, and chaste maidens.

Ep4: From Don Juan to Queen Victoria: This part of our sexual sweep through history covers the intensely romantic (Don Juan, Casanova) and the darkly perverse (Marquis de Sade), then moves on to the 19th century with its quirky views. It is the era of Queen Victoria, yet mail-order pornography takes off. We also reveal carnal kinks of the Pilgrims and Puritans.

Ep5: The Eastern World: An exploration of sex in China, Japan, India, and the Arab world that offers an intriguing perspective on the interrelation of sexuality and spirituality in eastern culture. Among the topics presented are the ancient Chinese equivalent of Viagra, Japanese acceptance of prostitutes and pornographic art, and tips from the Kama Sutra.

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